Sage Masonic & Odds & Ends

Augustas B. Sage Masonic Medalets
Although Sage seems to have envisioned a series of these medalets the Masonic Medalet No. 1 is the only one known today. Originally struck only in copper, circa 1859, restrikes were done in other metals sometime in the 1870's as well as various mulings with both Sage related dies and other Masonic related dies. For a complete treatment of these issues see Q. David Bowers "American Numismatics Before the Civil War"

Masonic Medalet No. 1

Marvin 36, copper, original, 30.9mm
Copper, restrike, 31.4mm
Brass, 31.3mm

White metal, 31.3mm

Silver, 31.3mm
(image courtesy of Stacks Bowers)

Old Masonic Hall Mules
     Sometime in the mid to late 1870's, after Sage's death, George H. used the obverse die to strike various mules for Isaac F. Wood. The three reverses that are know are the Masonic Mosaic Pavement, Dedication of the Masonic Temple, and Hollandshce Loge dies. I have seen no mules with the reverse die.

Masonic Mosaic Pavement Reverse

Marvin 304, copper, 31.3mm

Marvin 304, brass, 31.1mm

Marvin 304, silver, 31mm

     The Masonic Mosaic Pavement reverse is also found with a Lafayette obverse for the New York Medal Club Series No. 2, the Masonic Temple die below, and the "100th Year of Our National Independence" die (Baker 293). I am not sure whether this was first engraved to be used with one of these other dies or simply a "stock die" George H. would use when needed.
Dedication of the Masonic Temple Reverse

Marvin 303, copper, 31.3mm
Marvin 303, brass, 31.4mm

Marvin 303, silver, 31.3mm

The above two medals, Marvin 302 and 303, were struck
by Isaac F. Wood's the New York Medal Club.  Bowers list
only the brass version of Marvin 303.
Hollandsche Loge Reverse

Marvin 709, copper, 31.4mm
Brass, 31mm

Augustas B. Sage Odds and Ends Series

Issued early in 1859 this was the first series of tokens issued by Sage, then only 17 years old. The three different medalets depict diverse and seemingly unrelated topics. The No. 2 medalet is found with two obverses, as well as a muling of these two. 

Odd And Ends No. 1 - Crystal Palace

Copper, 31mm

White metal, 31mm

Examples described as white metal appeared for sale
in 2007 and 2009. Bowers does not list this variety.

Silver, 31mm

(image courtesy of Heritage)

Odd And Ends No. 2 - Old Sugar House

First Obverse die, copper, 31mm

Odd And Ends No. 2 - Old Sugar House

Second Obverse die, copper, 31mm
Second obverse die, silver, 31mm

(image courtesy of Heritage)
Odd And Ends No. 3 - Paul Morphy

Copper, 31mm
Silver, 31mm 

(image courtesy of Heritage)

In his book on Sage Bowers does not mention any silver varieties of 
the Odds and Ends Series. The three pictured above were contained in 
a lot of 11 silver Sage tokens from the Donald G. Partrick Collection
auctioned by Heritage on December 6, 2020.